In 2008 we embarked on the journey of a lifetime, touring the world’s most iconic Scottish distilleries to satisfy a deep seeded passion for fine whisky. With each visit our appreciation grew for the craftsmanship, care and vision required to produce a mere drop of “liquid gold”. As we stood gazing up at hundreds of casks in a distillery warehouse, we were drawn in by the history and unique character of every barrel. Each had its own story that would one day live on through the whisky it contained. Decades of meticulous care, just waiting…

The experience was so inspiring that we had a new dream: To own a cask for ourselves.

As we began sharing our aspiration with others, it became apparent that we were not alone. From leading connoisseurs to budding enthusiasts, a universal desire existed to own a cask. We spent months travelling around Scotland, learning the industry and building relationships. Our knowledge grew and so did our portfolio of casks, we simply could not buy just one. Word travelled quickly and soon we were helping others around the globe. What had started as a personal pursuit had transformed into something more.


Cask 88 are among the world’s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky. Today, we serve clients around the globe from our six international locations in Scotland, Singapore, Japan, China, Macau and the Philippines. What started as a small, family-owned business has become a globally recognised brand for high-end whisky. Services have been expanded to include cask procurement, cask storage, bespoke bottle design and sourcing antique releases. With a great passion for luxury spirits, Cask 88 leverages an unparalleled global network to bring exclusive opportunities to private collectors, hotels, restaurants, luxury brands and retail shops worldwide. Our team takes great pride in helping clients purchase or design a whisky perfectly suited to their individual needs.

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We welcome anyone who is on their journey to discover more about whisky, from the budding enthusiast through to the seasoned collector, offering them all the opportunity to develop their collections by owning their own cask or purchasing old and rare bottles. We offer expressions that range from relatively young casks, that will grow in quality & value as they mature, to extremely old & rare expressions that are in huge demand. We appreciate that there are those who are looking to buy casks for reasons other than completing their collection, from those planning ahead for a special celebration, to those looking to create a corporate gift that won’t be forgotten or that can be used to extend their brand experience.

Offerings Include:

  • Casks From Leading Distilleries
  • Bottle Design, Customization & Production
  • Rare Bottles & Antique Whisky Collections
  • Cask Storage & Management


Our team brings experience spanning multiple generations to provide unrivaled expertise in selecting, purchasing, managing and bottling casks of premium single malt whisky. We help clients navigate all available options to ensure they make decisions best suited to their needs.


A strong relationship with renowned distilleries across Scotland offers clients access to the world’s most desirable casks. Vintages dating back to the 1960s are available from Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Glenlivet, Dalmore and many others. Cask 88 will help you evaluate alternatives based on distillation date, flavour profile and budget.


Cask 88 stands by clients throughout the entire lifecycle of ownership. Appropriate provisions are made during the purchase process to facilitate secure storage during the projected maturation period. All facilities are fully bonded, insured and designed specifically for casks.


For clients looking to create a whisky of their own, our designers help to develop a bottle and packaging worthy of a prestigious whisky. Each of our designs is an artistic masterpiece that will stand out among any collection. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression to enrich a corporate brand, promote a club or mark a personal milestone.

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Cask 88 Scotland Office

23 Castle Street; First Floor
Edinburgh, Scotland
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 131 226 7048

Customer Service: +44 131 608 0517
Email: sales@cask88.com

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