Derik and Su

Derik and Su

It seemed only fitting that I purchase a cask of whisky as the engagement gift; something that will get better with time as our love deepens and something we can share with our friends and family when we bottle it.We’re both looking forward to the day we get to bottle the whiskey and share it with friends and family. With any luck, I’ll be able to hand one to Patrick from Cask88 for all his work in making this momentous occasion smooth and delightful.

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Robin, United Arab Emirates

As someone who is a relative novice in the art of single malt appreciation, I fortuitously connected with Fraser and Cask 88. Fraser has been a terrific guide and gently helped me find my way without ever pushing. Aside from having fun with the potential of future bottlings, and perhaps a good investment, Fraser has added a personal touch to the journey which has made it all the more rewarding

Christian, Manager in technology industry

I love whisky. For me this will be something to share with friends and family for years to come. Patrick has been great at recommending different options given the parameters that I gave him. I’ve always been impressed at how quickly he was responding to my emails.

James, Tech Project Manager

I like the idea of an entire barrel of the golden great stuff being purely mine! Patrick recommended this purchase to me, and I have complete trust in his judgement as a professional in the whisky business.

Scott, Dentist

I enjoy a whisky now and again myself and it’s nice to tell people that I have a couple of casks of my own.

Julian, Hong Kong-based Entrepreneur

I bought the cask with the mind set just in time to have it bottled for my father in law centennial celebration in 2019. The design work was a lot of fun!

Richard Carleton Hacker

For those seeking a private, personalized source of their own special whisky Cask 88 will store a buyer’s cask at no cost for two years and also provides bottling and bespoke labeling services.Owning your own cask is a unique way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, anniversary or corporate milestone. And considering each cask will yield approximately 150 to 200 bottles, it may become the most spirited investment a whisky connoisseur can make.